Puzzle Pieces[edit | edit source]

Tower of Pain 1.pngTower of Pain 2.pngTower of Pain 3.pngTower of Pain 4.png

Level 1[edit | edit source]

Tower of Pain 1 - 2nd Floor Entrance.png

Level 2[edit | edit source]

Tower of Pain 2 - Mirror Cloak.png


- "four must be found in this tower"

- "take the path of least resistance"

- "The greatest resistance presents the greatest challenge, and the greatest"

This note is cutoff

- "The great Tower must be conquered in four steps"

- "Only those who solve cirinik's puzzle can conquer the moving walls"

- "One step east and two steps north of the stair lies a secret door"

- "The second step is the teleport maze"

- "four should have been found in this tower"

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