Manual Notes[edit | edit source]

"Bribes: It's never against the law to offer the enemy a bribe. Not only might it save your life, but sometimes it's the only way to obtain special items and information."

"Bribing is done by selecting Cast for the first character and entering a $ plus the amount of the bribe. It doesn't matter how much gold that particular character has, only how much the party has. Bribing may also be the only way your party can receive certain messages that some apparent enemies may be willing to deliver. In many instances speaking to them may work just as well, and could save you some money, but if it doesn't, try a bribe."

- Unknown who in the game can be bribed or spoken to and what special items or information are available.

"Real Time Effects: Time passes—things change: Characters grow tired, thirsty, and hungry; new traps are set; doors and walls may appear or disappear; and the enemy gets stronger...and closer."

- One teleporter on Level 11 of The Great Tower only works based on specific time of day, otherwise, no known traps or door/wall changes are known.

"THE BANK: Unlike real life, the best way to avoid taxes is to put your money in the bank. Too, the bank is where you need to go to pay off your debts (because if they get too high...Well, let's just say that the bill collectors around here aren't too friendly)."

- Unknown what effect taking on a large debt has on the game.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you are having trouble killing an enemy, like flat head or flat head's mom, try attacking unarmed. From the combat screen, select USE and input "0", or outside combat, unready your weapons.
  • Command-Click items in the shops to see who can use them. This helps distinguish similarly named items. Mentioned in the manual.
  • Enemies can steal your To:Barracks and Homing Sticks. Hold them on characters in the back row. Try not to save anything valuable on the front row characters. Keys don't seem to be stolen though.
  • Pole arms allow attacking from the back row. Mentioned in manual.
  • Thieves can attack from Hiding. Mentioned in manual.
  • Have a Blade Master sharpen your Dragon Swords before attempting to kill the Red or Ruby Dragon. Possibly all Dragons. Otherwise, the Dragon "retreats into the darkness" instead of dying.
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