Catacombs 1[edit | edit source]

Catacombs 1.png

Items[edit | edit source]

- 50’ Rope (End of Imp Alley)

Notes[edit | edit source]

- 11E, 15N - Start from Magic Shop

- 0E, 0N - Portal Up to Castle Note this is a one way exit up.

11E, 14N - Portal Down 10’ to Goblin Galleries (10E, 16N)

0E, 14N - West Exit to Goblin Galleries (19E, 8N)

- 15E, 4N - Portal Up to Goblin Galleries (16E, 9N)

19E, 14N - East Exit to Goblin Galleries (0E, 13N)

10E, 11N - East Exit to Trolls Tunnels (11E, 11N) Note: return exit does not line up exactly

- 19E, 4N - South Exit to Trolls Tunnels (19E, 2N)

- 17E, 0N - Portal Down to Trolls Tunnels (17E, 0N)

- 8E, 5N - Portal Down 50’ to The Lair (8E, 5N)

- 10E, 13N - North Exit to Wilderlands - Mighty Barbarian

- 1E, 0N - World Note - “Visit beautiful Imp Alley and Hobs’ Lane.”

- 18E, 2N - Start of Imp Alley

- 13E, 6N - Trap - World Note - “a loud rumbling echoes through the maze”

When entering this tile, the party trapped by a wall that appears behind them.

- 10E, 10N - World Note - “There are eleven, not just ten”

In reference to the levels of The Great Tower

8E, 10N - End of Imp Alley - 50’ Rope - Popup Note - “Watch for a friendly gesture... A peaceful response may bring you some valuable information.”

Note in reference to peaceful shaman in The Great Tower

Level 2[edit | edit source]

Catacombs 2.png

Items[edit | edit source]

- silvergloves (15E,8N)

Notes[edit | edit source]

- 9E, 19N - East Exit to Trolls Tunnels (10E, 19N)

- 8E, 7N - East Exit to Trolls Tunnels (9E, 7N)

- 15E, 8N - 10’ to Ogre Pit - silver gloves

- 16E, 8N - 10’ to Gladiator Pit - long sword, Spell Stone

- 17E, 8N - 10’ to Skeleton Pit - Spell Stone

- 18E, 8N - 10’ to Fire Lizard Pit - long arrows

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