The Castle[edit | edit source]

The Castle annotated.png[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

- 7E, 3N - horrid beast drops can of beer when killed.

Unique drop. No known use for can of beer.

- 8E, 5N - Exit from [The Catacombs] Level 1 (0E, 0N)

No way to enter, exit only. Attempting to go down here results in the message "You are unable to lift the grating."

Messages[edit | edit source]

- 13N, 12N - World Note - “Luck be with you, brave adventurers. You are headed west.”

- 17E, 10N - World Note - “Sixteen may be found, four in each corner tower.”

Cirinik's Puzzle pieces.

- 8E, 3N - World Note - “There is a strange smell in this area.” / “The air is crisp and clean”

Message changes after killing horrid beast at E7, 3N.

- 2E, 10N - World Note - “Your are trespassing. Please leave at once”

- Great Tower East Entrance - World Note - “Advance with caution, brave hearts.” / “Reflect on these words and enter.” / “Proceed with caution, brave adventurers.”

Mirror Cloak on Shaman allows access.

- Great Tower North Entrance - “An Enchanter seeks to bar the gate.” / “Hats are not optional for Magicians.” / “Proceed with caution, brave adventurers.”

Cap of Mind Shielding on Magician allows access.

- Great Tower West Entrance - World Note - “Your path is blocked by a great wizard.” / “Show your ring and enter, brave thief.” / “Proceed with caution, brave adventurers.”

Ring of Quickness on Thief allows access.

- Great Tower South Entrance - World Note - “A powerful samurai guards the gate.” / “Knock with an ogre’s hand and enter.: / “Proceed with caution, brave adventurers.”

Bracers of Ogre Strength on a Fighter allows access.

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