1 Shaman[edit | edit source]

1 Shaman.png

2 Healer[edit | edit source]

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3 Magician[edit | edit source]

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4 Enchanter[edit | edit source]

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Level 4 - 13th rank or higher[edit | edit source]

11 ENCNT: Enchant Item (The enchanter is able to place a spell within an item. The spell must be known by the enchanter. The cost of the spell is dependent on the level of the spell, number of uses and the usability of the item [that is, which character classes can use the item].)

12 MBLST: Mind Blast (This spell does to an entire group of enemies what MSLIC does to a single enemy.)

13 MDRAG: Mind Dragon (Creates an illusion of a dragon which appears to fight for the party.)

5 Witch[edit | edit source]

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6 Wizard[edit | edit source]

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7 Non-Magical Skills[edit | edit source]

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7B Other Theif.png

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